College & Career Readiness

Join the Heartland AEA College & Career Readiness Network!

Join your local colleagues to learn and share about all things college & career ready!

Third Thursday of the month  |  8:30-11:00 a.m.

We will be using the same Zoom link and running agenda all year.

For past recordings and resources from network meetings, visit the College & Career Readiness Google Site.

Definition of College & Career Readiness in Iowa

Iowa students who are college and career ready have acquired the necessary knowledge, skills and strategies to be successful in post-secondary opportunities as demonstrated through multiple sources of evidence, including those generated by students.

College and Career Readiness Definition

Definition of College and Career Readiness in Iowa

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Important Contacts

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Susen Schirmer

Sue Schirmer

  • Professional Learning & Leadership Consultant
Angela Dvorak

Angela Dvorak

  • Professional Learning & Leadership Consultant

College & Career Readiness