Social, Emotional & Behavorial Health Services

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Learning Supports

Heartland AEA provides training, technical assistance and resources in a variety of research-based learning supports content areas. Our purpose is to assist school personnel in implementing learning supports that alleviate barriers to learning and teaching, increase school connectedness and promote healthy development, which will ultimately result in increased student achievement and success for all students.

Heartland AEA’s Learning Supports Vision

It is Heartland AEA’s initiative to provide ALL children and youth within the Heartland AEA service area safe, healthy learning environments where adults:

  • Form partnerships: Build positive relationships with students and partner with families and communities to support students
  • Plan proactively: Clearly define plans to respond to a variety of school and student needs – including crises
  • Match instruction: Use data to match appropriate levels of instruction and support for each student
  • Teach expectations: Identify and proactively teach expectations
  • Acknowledge successes: Acknowledge and reinforce students for doing well
  • Correct errors: Implement a consistent, corrective consequence system

Important Contacts

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Jadie Boens

Jadie Boens

  • Director of Social, Emotional & Behavioral Health Services

Supervision of Shelter Care Educational Program

Social, Emotional & Behavorial Health Services