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Course Proposal Guides

Once the Professional Learning Team has added the Instructor Center tab to your record, you will be able to enter your course proposal. 

Create Instructor Led Course (Courses, Learning Teams, Workshops & Meetings)

Worksheet for Creating an Instructor-Led Course

How to Add a Section to an Approved Course

AEA Learning Online Guidelines for Class Hours

Instructor Center Guides

Instructor Center Directions – Includes the following: 

  • How to Access Courses You Are Teaching
  • How to Print Sign-In Sheets
  • How to Print Name Tags
  • How to Email Participants
  • How to Access Survey Results
  • How to Assign Grades and Close Your Course

Grading Guide

Instructor Resources

Professional Learning Registration Policy & Procedures

Policies and Procedures for Catalog Course Instructors

Instructor Pay and Participant Fee Framework

Strategies and Tools for Group Processing Guide – includes the following topics of interest:

Iowa Professional Development Model

Iowa Core

Copyright BriefNOTES for Teachers and Copyright Decision Tree

Free Digital Professional Learning Resources:

Help Guides to Share with Participants

How to Update My Profile

Refund Policy and Course Disclaimer

How to Change Credit Type

How to Withdraw from a Course

How to Access a Professional Learning Survey

How to Download Your Transcript