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Hearing Screenings

Heartland AEA audiologists and audiometrists provide hearing screenings for infants, young children and K-2nd grade and 5th grade students in schools, all at no cost to parents.

Hearing screenings and hearing tests help to determine those children with normal hearing, those who may need further testing to determine hearing status and those with hearing loss. Early detection of hearing loss can ensure that appropriate services and supports are put in place to meet the unique needs of the child.

Sound Booth Screenings

Some infants and toddlers are best tested in a sound booth. When you come to a Heartland AEA sound booth for a hearing test, you will be in the booth with your child, so if you need to bring additional children with you, a second adult is needed. Sound booths are located in five of our agency offices.

Watch this great video for kids about coming to the sound booth!

Auditory Brainstem Response Testing

Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) testing is available as needed for infants birth to 7 months of age at each of the Agency’s sound booth locations.

ABR is an objective test that allows an audiologist to get information about a baby’s hearing without needing a response from the child. This testing is typically done when a child has not passed their hearing screening test at birth or at their two-week follow-up screening. A parent, primary care physician or ENT specialist can contact Heartland AEA to make an appointment to have ABR testing done.

The test is done by sending a sound into the child’s ear and measuring whether or not the cochlea, or hearing organ, passes the sound to the baby’s brain. Typically, a child is sleeping during the test and does not feel anything. The audiologist will put a few pads on the child’s forehead and near their ears to make the measurements while the sound goes into the child’s ears with soft earphones. After the testing is complete, the audiologist will talk through the results with parents/caregivers.

Call to Schedule a Hearing Screening or ABR Testing

(515) 289-2611 or (800) 362-2720
Voicemail is available 24 hours a day.

Sound Booth Locations

Ames Office
511 S. 17th Street
Ames, IA 50010
Carroll Office
@ Carroll DMACC Campus
906 N. Grant Road, Suite 106
Carroll, IA 51401
Indianola Office
115 W. Salem Avenue
Indianola, IA 50125
Johnston Regional Education Center
6500 Corporate Drive
Johnston, IA 50131
Knoxville Office
1402 N. Lincoln Street
Knoxville, IA 50138
Capitol View Elementary
320 E. 16th Street
Des Moines, IA 50316This sound booth is available ONLY for children who reside within the boundaries of the Des Moines Public Schools.

Annual Hearing Screenings in Schools

Heartland AEA audiometrists perform yearly hearing screenings in:

  • Accredited public preschools
  • Head Starts
  • Public and non-public schools for students in elementary grades
  • As needed if there are concerns about a child’s hearing. Please reach out to your school’s nurse to connect with the audiologist assigned to your child’s district or school.

Contact your child’s school to learn when screenings are scheduled. If your child does not attend a public preschool and/or you believe your child requires a hearing screening, call the number above to discuss your concerns.

Who Should I See for My Child’s Hearing Concerns?

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