Agency Accountability

Heartland AEA is a public agency and takes that role seriously. Below you can find links to agency compliance and financial documents.

AEA Accreditation

In the accreditation process, each of Iowa’s nine AEAs undergoes an intensive review of services designed to ensure that the agencies are meeting all requirements. The process includes interviews with representative local school personnel as well as agency staff members.

2022 Accreditation Report

Annual Desk Audits

All AEAs, school districts, preschool programs and non-public schools submit desk audit information to the Iowa Department of Education for compliance with state and federal legal requirements. AEAs, working toward continuous improvement of instruction and student learning, assure ongoing alignment with state standards for AEA programs (found on the About Iowa’s AEAs page).

Heartland AEA participates in these annual reviews and meets all of the standards in place.

Audited Financial Reports

Each year certified public accountants audit the Agency’s financial statements as required by Iowa Code section 11.6. In addition, the auditors meet with the Audit Committee of the Agency’s Board of Directors, and the auditors present the report to the full Board of Directors. The report is filed with the Auditor of State and the Iowa Department of Education.

Fiscal Year 2021

Fiscal Year 2020

Fiscal Year 2019

Budget Documents

The Agency’s budget document outlines the Agency’s budget for each fiscal year. The document is prepared by the Agency’s Business Office staff and is presented to the Board of Directors by the Chief Administrator. The document also identifies proposed sources and uses of funds along with selected historical information.

Fiscal Year 2023

Fiscal Year 2022

Fiscal Year 2021

Fiscal Year 2020

Machine-Readable Files for Insurance Purposes

Heartland AEA’s health coverage is self-funded through Wellmark. Wellmark creates and publishes these Machine-Readable Files on behalf of Heartland AEA.

Machine-Readable Files

Important Contacts

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Sheila King

Sheila King

  • Chief Information Officer
Kurt Subra

Kurt Subra

  • Chief Financial Officer