Van Delivery/Distribution

Heartland AEA provides van delivery service to each school in the Agency’s service area. Materials shared between schools through interlibrary loan can be delivered via our vans as well.

Delivery Details

Media resources and other agency communications are delivered to each school building and AEA office on a scheduled basis during the school year (twice a week) and summer (once a week to district offices and to other buildings by request). Delivery schedules for each district and building should be posted in school/district offices and staff rooms.

Your building or office also has one drop site where borrowed items to be returned to Heartland AEA are to be placed for pickup. Correspondence or items being sent back to the Agency should be addressed properly to ensure delivery to the correct person, office and department. Please include on the address label or envelope:

How to Address Your Delivery Label



Van Route Schedule

2022-23 Van Routes

Delivery Fast Facts

  • 6 full-time and part-time drivers (substitutes also pictured)
  • 11 routes
  • 408 stops a week
  • Approximately 4,250 miles driven a week
  • In a given month, we may deliver over 15,000 items from our lending library!

Van Drivers

Jamie Badger Herb Bergstrom Matt Fisher
Stan Landon Scott Mayne Larry McAtee
Jennifer Thompson Dennis Vogel

Matt Wellendorf

Jim Wichman  

Dissemination of Information & Materials For External Organizations 

Heartland AEA has guidelines for the dissemination of materials from external organizations, whether it be via our van delivery service or via electronic means. Contact our Communications Department to make a request. 

Dissemination & School Contact Info Guidelines

Important Contacts

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Gean dustin 24C42FF3B3C37

Dustin Gean

  • Director of Facilities & Operations

Van Delivery/Distribution