Competent Private Instruction (CPI), commonly known as homeschooling, is private instruction provided for at least 148 days during the school year. Competent private instruction means providing instruction using an approved plan and a course of study in a setting other than a public or organized accredited non-public school. The provider of competent private instruction is not required to be licensed or a formally trained teacher. CPI allows educational services to be provided by a parent, guardian or legal custodian of the child receiving the instruction.

Parents, guardians and legal custodians who have elected to homeschool their children may access Heartland AEA services on the same basis as a teacher under the guidelines outlined in the Iowa Code 299A and Iowa Rules Chapter 31.

Heartland AEA:

  • ensures that parents/guardians receive the annual competent private instruction notification from each district,
  • provides special education services for students on an IEP and
  • administers standardized testing services for homeschooled children.

For additional information about homeschooling (competent private instruction), visit:

Iowa Department of Education

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