Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I have questions or want support with Computer Science in my district or classroom? 

See the contact information above for the Heartland AEA Computer Science Team.

When does Computer Science have to be implemented? What is the timeline?

  • By 7/1/22 Districts need a K-12 CS plan and a 1/2 unit course for high school 9- 12.
  • By 7/1/23 Districts need to offer CS to one grade level K-6 and 7-8.

Schools that are only K-6 districts, do they have to provide an implementation plan? 

Yes, these are due July 1, 2022.

Does a district have to have a Computer Science endorsed teacher to teach a computer science class? 

No, the course needs to align with the Iowa Computer Science Standards.

Does every student have to take a computer science class? 

  • In K-5, CS needs to be offered to all students, at least one grade level. For example, it can be integrated into the general education curriculum as long as it is aligned to all Computer Science Standards. More information will be coming from the Iowa Department of Education. (Iowa Department of Education Computer Science )
  • For 6th-12th grade students, a computer science course has to be offered (offer and teach).

The CS course has to be “offer/teach” but not a requirement for graduation, correct?

It can be a CS HS course you already offer, however, schools cannot “double-dip” with CTE-IT or core courses, and the course must align to as many of Iowa’s CS standards and is age and content appropriate. Districts cannot count the required CS course as part of a CTE sequence of courses.

Will a one-semester course meet the high school requirement?

Yes. The requirement is that high schools must offer ½ credit (one semester) of computer science. The course must be offered and taught. (Still getting specifics on what if no one signs up.)

Does the course have to be offered every year in a high school or could it be every other?

It must be taught, every year, in order to be considered to be “offered and taught.”

What does one-half unit mean in HF 2629? Does this need to be a course or a unit within an existing course?

One-half unit is a one-semester, stand-alone Computer Science course.

Will CTE-IT courses meet the requirement?

To meet the requirement, a course must address the computer science standards. A course can only count towards one program. It can either be a CTE-IT course or a CS course, it can not be both.

A course used in the CTE-IT sequence cannot be used to meet the 1/2 unit CS requirement.

Can the CS standards be integrated into a course that we already offer, or do we have to create a new course for this requirement? 

The grade groupings are 1-6 and 7-8. For both grade groupings, it is a local decision as to whether the instruction is a stand-alone course, integrated into other content, or a combination. (IDOE Computer Science Courses)

What curriculum are HS teachers using? 

In addition to the district-developed curriculum, you can see this list of available HS CS courses. Please note that there are varying degrees of cost associated with these courses ranging in curriculum, platform, supplemental devices, and purchase of professional development.

Frequently Asked Questions