Self-Audit & Reflection Tool

The Self-Audit & Reflection Tool, or SART, developed by retired Heartland AEA consultants Mary Schmidt and Linda Moehring, is a self-study opportunity aligned with Chapter 12 of the Iowa Administrative Code and best practices in gifted education. It is adapted with permission from a program evaluation rubric originally developed by Karen Garvin, and is influenced by the National Association for Gifted Children Program Standards and the book Designing Services and Programs for High Ability Learners, 2nd Ed. edited by Rebecca Ekert and Jennifer Robins (NAGC/Corwin Press, 2017).

Newly revised in 2019, the SART is now available in a Google Sheet format, with built-in capability for rubric analysis and prioritization as well as long-range strategic planning.

The tool is comprised of the list categories below which districts/schools may complete for assessment purposes.

  • Goals and Performance Measures
  • Identification of Students
  • Differentiated Program
  • Personnel
  • Budget
  • Professional Development
  • Review and Evaluation
  • Other Quality Indicators: Advocacy/Public Relations

The creators request that this tool be used as-is and completed by those who have a solid knowledge of gifted children and the research-supported practices and strategies that best meet their needs.

The tool may be effectively used by schools outside the state of Iowa by substituting any references to Iowa law with the requirements set forth by the state in which the school is located or by removing them entirely if they are not applicable.

Self-Audit & Reflection Tool