Program Overview

The science consultant team at Heartland AEA strives to collaborate with multiple stakeholders to support the development of scientifically-literate, global citizens. It is our mission to support and advance the implementation of the Iowa Core Science Standards and the development of high-quality science experiences for all students.

Heartland AEA offers a variety of services in the area of scientific knowledge and skills. Consultants provide assistance in designing curriculum, coaching instruction and using technology for science instruction.

Areas of Support

  • Implementing the Iowa Core Science Standards and Universal Constructs
  • Designing rigorous and engaging science instruction
  • Developing science assessments
  • Reviewing or adopting new science curriculum
  • Promoting equity in science classrooms
  • Integrating STEM
  • Incorporating environmental education
  • Utilizing science resources
  • Integrating science with other disciplines
  • Supporting science PLCs


Iowa Department of Education: Science

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Important Contacts

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Delaney Ashley 9539B9B7E7E05

Ashley Delaney

  • Curriculum Consultant - Science

Early Childhood & Elementary Consultant, STEM, Computer Science

Puderbaugh Adam E8DE336DF3818

Adam Puderbaugh

  • Curriculum Consultant - Science

Des Moines Schools & Secondary Consultant