Links of Interest

Section 504 Overview

Frequently asked questions about Section 504 and the education of children with disabilities.

United States Department of Education

Government site with a host of disability-related resources.

Article provides a general overview of all key aspects of Section 504.

Learning Disabilities Online

A wealth of information on Section 504.

National Council on Disability

Legal Resources

Written by the U.S. Department of Justice, this PDF manual covers more than just Section 504.

Guide to Disability Rights Laws

Takes you directly to the OCR website for a wealth of information.

Office for Civil Rights

Private site maintained by an attorney who specializes in disability law with a wealth of free resources to download, including case law.


Post-secondary Resources

National clearinghouse for post-secondary education resources for individuals with disabilities.

Health Resource Center

Answers questions related to ADA and 504 as it applies to post-secondary education.

Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights Center (PACER)

Links of Interest