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Total Rewards

Heartland AEA is proud to offer, in addition to compensation and benefits, these "total rewards" programs that add value to our employees' working relationship.

Diversity Engagement

Heartland AEA embraces diversity and inclusion by seeking out and hiring those whose differences are reflected in a variety of forms including, but not limited to, race, culture, perspective, talent, interest, ability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, language and socio-economics. Our goal is for all employees to be able to engage and work effectively with others different from themselves, treating each other with respect and retaining employees who strive to meet this goal. Heartland AEA's Diversity Engagement Advisory Team provides resources and guidance and implements actions on issues related to diversity and inclusion.

Mentor Program

Among the many supports provided to new employees, new certified staff members are paired with a mentor for up to two years. This opportunity provides an essential valuable resource for new employees to have support from a colleague who serves in a similar role. Being a mentor can also be rewarding through helping others achieve their goals and gaining a fresh outlook on new approaches.

Professional Development

Heartland AEA offers opportunities for professional learning for employees to enhance their skills and practices to improve student learning. These opportunities include a variety of formats including courses for credit, workshops that offer the latest evidence-based professional learning and online trainings. Certified staff members may advance on their salary schedule with additional education.


Heartland AEA employees are allowed 4 hours of paid time off to volunteer with co-workers on philanthropic endeavors of their choice once a year. This is Heartland AEA's opportunity to give back to the communities we serve!

Wellness Program

Heartland AEA provides a comprehensive wellness program for its employees encompassing career, community, financial, social and physical wellness. The Agency provides webinars, lunch and learns, treadmill and standing workstations, gym membership discounts and more. Among these are opportunities to earn Fitbits, VISA gift cards and other incentives!

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