Heartland AEA provides support to districts and schools in the area of technology infrastructure and provides networking opportunities and support to technology coordinators/directors. 

E-rate Filing Assistance

The federal E-rate program provides a tremendous amount of money to reduce the costs of connectivity for PK-12 schools. Filing all of the forms can seem like a very complex process the first few times you file.

Internet Filtering

Heartland AEA provides iBoss, a robust Internet filtering service, at no cost to over 30 participating districts and non-public schools. All districts and non-pubic schools in Heartland AEA’s service area are eligible for this service.

Network Support

School data networks need to be robust and reliable in order for teaching, learning and administrating to be efficient. If you are experiencing problems with your district or school network, or you are looking to expand or update your existing network, Heartland AEA may be able to help. Experienced agency technology staff members can work with you to evaluate your current network topology and suggest ways to enhance your environment.

Off-site Data Backup

Heartland AEA offers off-site backup of district/school data at a reasonable cost.

Technology Discounts

Iowa’s AEAs, through AEA Purchasing, offer significant discounts on many of the materials, goods and services that districts and schools use. For more information, visit the AEA Purchasing website where discounts on technology materials and services are plentiful.

AEA Purchasing

Important Contacts

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Jeff Weinberg

Jeff S. Weinberg

  • Director of Technology
Dao Tuan DSC4820 6D97426D3FEFE

Tuan Dao

  • Network Administrator