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Early Childhood

Early childhood consultants, teachers and support service providers identify developmental needs, deliver and coordinate quality services to infants, young children and their families and provide early childhood special education programs. Early childhood specialists work collaboratively with families and providers to develop interventions that empower families and educators to support the identified needs of young children. Early childhood offers continuum of services, which are delivered in an environment that nurtures mutual respect, creativity and personal growth through collaborative relationships. This collaborative system strives in supporting the child's developmental needs in addition to ensuring a smooth transitioning into the k12 educational system.

You can make a referral in one of two ways: either directly to Heartland AEA or through the Iowa Family Support Network. Click one of the buttons below to start the referral process.

Directly to Heartland AEA OR Through Iowa Family Support Network


For referral assistance for children ages 3 to 5, contact the Heartland AEA regional office that serves the school district you live in.

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