Secondary Transition

What is Secondary Transition?

Secondary transition planning happens when a student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team meets to design a plan of activities to assist and prepare a student in special education to move from high school to the workplace or higher education. Planning for adolescents’ post-school lives must begin by age 14, and it requires transition goals to be incorporated into the IEP process.

Members of the IEP team (including parents and educators) can download the Transition Resource Guide as an aid during the transition process. Additionally, the Transition Planning Tool can be a helpful resource to families as they begin to consider their learner’s transition needs.

Transition Resource Guide

Transition Planning Tool

Preparing for College

Prospective college students with disabilities have countless resources available to make the transition to higher education less stressful. The College Resources for Students With Disabilities Guide was created by Affordable Colleges Online to help students and their families better understand the resources available to them. Key elements of the guide include:

  • A comprehensive overview of the various cognitive, physical or other types of disabilities students face while attending school.
  • Reviews of several technologies and advocate groups available to students who face various disabilities, such as ADD, autism and more.
  • Tips and resources to help students transition from college to career.
  • Information about scholarships and financial aid for students with disabilities.

Another resource, The Guide For Students With Disabilities To Succeed In College, provides tips and analysis, as well as tools and resources for students with disabilities to succeed in college.