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BrightBytes LogoThrough a partnership with Iowa’s AEAs, public districts and non-public schools throughout Iowa have access to a unique product called Clarity, which provides a quick, no-cost way for districts and schools to measure the results of their technology use and to receive a customized plan for improvement. With Clarity, a product of the BrightBytes company, districts and schools are able to see a simple, data-driven view into technology use and its impact on learning outcomes.

Clarity Features

  • Quickly and easily gathers data about technology use in your schools
  • Analyzes that data in a research-based framework
  • Delivers customized plans to each school for improving outcomes
  • Helps you implement those plans and measure the results

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clarity?

Clarity is an online software platform that saves you time and money by measuring whether technology programs are impacting student learning and then delivering easy-to-use, customized technology plans to you. Clarity’s proprietary CASE framework outlines the essential factors that schools need to improve learning through the use of technology.

Who can use Clarity?

All K-12 accredited schools in Iowa have access to Clarity.

How does it work?

First, the platform gathers student and teacher response data. Second, it converts this data into dashboards with visual displays that pinpoint next steps. Third, it creates a customized technology report for each school that details solutions to challenges, including implementation plans.

How is the data analyzed?

BrightBytes provides a customized CASE Technology Report for each school.The report focuses on four key areas – Classroom, Access, Skills and Environment or CASE. Schools receive a score in each of these areas.

How can you use your score?

Schools can use their scores to measure progress over time. School scores can also help determine solutions and implementation plans.

How else is this helpful to me?

Schools can: 1) use their data and reports to meet federal, state and grant reporting requirements; 2) pull information directly from their data and CASE reports for technology plans; 3) identify professional development needs and 4) make the case for additional resources in the technology area.

How much does it cost?

Clarity subscriptions for Iowa schools have been purchased by Iowa’s AEAs.

BrightBytes has produced a number of videos to provide more information about Clarity and the powerful data it can provide about educational technology and return-on-investment.

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