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Transition Services

Transition services are designed to assist and prepare a student in special education to move from secondary education to the workplace or to higher education. Heartland AEA consultants assist schools, students and families in making transition plans. Planning for students' post-school lives must begin by age 14, and it requires transition goals to be incorporated into the individualized education plan (IEP) process. Members of the IEP team (including parents and educators) may download the Transition Resource Guide below as an aid during the transition process.

Transition Resource Guide (PDF)

If you are a parent and your child, who is served on an IEP, needs transition services, discuss this process with the IEP team members serving your child. You may also contact the Parent & Educator Connection coordinator who serves your district for more information about transition services.

Age of Majority Resources

In Iowa, when a student turns 18, gets married or is incarcerated into the adult legal system, he/she obtains his/her educational rights. This means that their educational rights transfer to them. Click on the "Age of Majority Resources" link above for materials to help teachers, parents and students understand what educational rights students and parents have and what the transfer of rights means for them.

For more information or questions, contact:

photo of Julie McGinnis

Julie McGinnis
Special Education Consultant
(800) 255-0405 ext. 16258

photo of Sue Severson

Sue Severson
Special Education Consultant
(800) 255-0405 ext. 14661

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