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Consent for evaluation/ Release of Information/ and the Screening Form

Posted on 08/30/2016 at 12:00 AM by MaryAnn Strawhacker

School Nurses,
I just got asked a great question by a school nurse and I decided more of you might benefit from this answer. Often school nurses are confused as to when health information can be released to fellow team members such as teachers and AEA staff. The top of the new screening form has 4 purposes listed for screening. Below I have described the purpose and what parental consent/release is needed to obtain and share information.
1. For problem solving within the district at the BAT team level, the screening form operates on "implied consent". This is covered under FERPA and allows you to share health information with those at school who "have a need to know". Likely you will just review records and interview the parent at this stage and not collect medical records.
2. For Section 504 the parent signs a consent for 504 evaluation. You collect new health information, once this is signed, using a district health release form. Remember to include AEA staff on your release if they will be part of the 504 team. This is your permission to share the screening form with the rest of the 504 team. For this use you write all you need to tell the team on the screening form.
3. For disability suspect leading up to a decision as to whether or not to proceed with a Full and Individual Evaluation (FIE) for health you must use the screening form cautiously.  Implied consent is not enough to share health details with the special education team during evaluation BUT you can let them know whether or not your screen was positive (meaning health needs were identified that may affect education) or negative. Likely you will not have time to collect medical records for prior to the DS meeting. This is simply a review of school health records and parent interview. IF the team proceeded with an initial evaluation for the student, health should be checked as a domain. The parent will then give signed consent for an evaluation. The AEA health release or exchange of information must be used to obtain medical records.

4. For a special education student, if you obtain a positive screen and health has never been evaluated, it is considered a reevaluation and signed parental consent is needed.  This allows you to collect new health information either through a health release or an exchange of information and to share this with the team. For this purpose you must use the AEA health release or exchange found on the web IEP. You may not use a district health release for special education purposes.
If you have questions, please call your assigned nurse consultant,
MaryAnn Strawhacker
Special Education Nurse
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