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How much can I share on the screening form?

Posted on 01/16/2016 at 12:00 AM by MaryAnn Strawhacker

Hi School Nurses,

I have been asked this question a number of times this fall so thought I should provide some guidance. The Heartland Screening form is a communication tool for use between district school nurses and AEA staff as well as special education teachers. Some districts also use this form between the District Section 504 Coordinator and the school nurse. The number of different uses for the form is part of the value of the form and also the confusion surrounding it.

For special education students, to collect "new" information at any time requires parental signed consent. Often it is debatable what is new information. As a general rule, if you are requesting medical records and getting a release updated to do this, that will qualify as "new" information.

Remember a medical release of information/exchange is not the same as a signed parental consent for special education evaluation/reevaluation. For an initial special education evaluation or reevaluation you most likely will need both.  While it is possible for a parent to sign consent for evaluation and not sign a release of information, this is not ideal.

Because of special education rigid requirements, write very little on the screening form for a student with the purpose marked as special education. You may share vision, hearing and then the decision regarding information collected under F, G, Or H. A less common use for the form is when the teacher may want an update on a special education student who already has health services marked on the IEP.  A better way to provide the team with an update is to type the summary on page I of the IEP.

For Problem Solving or Section 504 the amount you include on the form whether positive or negative, is up to you. Since there will be no report for follow up, most nurses will include important information to convey to educators right on the screening form. 

Hope this is helpful!


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