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Health Evaluation and the EER

Posted on 11/13/2015 at 12:00 AM by MaryAnn Strawhacker

In December of 2011, all AEA staff were trained how to include health into an initial evaluation for special education eligibility. AEA staff and special education teachers combine their findings into one document with a separate section added for each domain addressed. For example if a student was evaluated for behavior, mobility, and reading comprehension, three domains would be added to the web based IEP template. If the IEP team also decided to add health in addition to the other three domain areas, they do NOT have to add a domain for health or weave health content to the EER report.  Instead, the team will simply reference your Health Evaluation Report on page 2  under section C of the EER, "Any ecological factors..."  Then, either you or the teacher, will upload an electronic copy of your report under "Associated Files" on the IEP overview screen. This solution saves both you and the team time.

Each year since 2011,  I verify whether this procedure is still acceptable. Once again the answer for 2015-2016 is yes! Attached to this post are the original slides from that presentation. If you have an AEA staff person who was not practicing here at that time or has forgotten, feel free to download these slides and print this administrative guidance.



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