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How do I complete the screening form?

Posted on 11/04/2015 at 12:00 AM by MaryAnn Strawhacker

This is a question I get asked often by new school nurses. I forget that many veteran nurses do not receive Health Screening forms frequently and may still have questions. Attached to this Blog entry is a copy of the current health screening form and a copy of the Health Education Evaluation Report. The guidance document is also attached and can be used to interview a parent for either the screening or the report.

Cautions and Confusions Regarding the Health Screening Form.

The reason teams ask you, the school nurse, for a screening is to determine whether or not there are health concerns identified that MAY impact the child's learning, safety, or access to the school environment.

• Make sure that the "Purpose for (health) Screening" is checked prior to your completion of the form. Without this information you will not know what box to check for F-G. If it is not indicated, return the screen to the sender or call and inquire.

• If Section 504 is checked as the purpose, you will complete all sections on the screening form itself. A Health Education Evaluation Report will never be written for a Section 504 Student. The information you collect on the screening form should be presented by you in the Section 504 Eligibility Determination meeting.

• If Special Education is checked, then for a positive screen check box G. This indicates that you will need to collect additional information for the team to determine the impact of health conditions/history on learning and/or the need for special health services at school.

• If Problem Solving is checked, you will need to do additional detective work. If the purpose is related to a building assistance team or general education intervention, then a positive screen would result in box F being checked. If however, the form is issued prior to a Disability Suspect (DS) meeting, the correct box to check for a positive screen would be G. Then, should the outcome of the DS meeting be an evaluation to determine Special Education Eligibility, the team knows that health will be an area of evaluation. This prompts them up front to get signed parental consent for health as one of the domains.

• A negative screen means that no educationally relevant health conditions or history was found. You would check box H for this result.

• If the screening is for a special education student and it is positive, do not waste time completing sections A-E of the form. Return the screening for to the sender with box G checked. You may start the report and continue to collect information.  Just remember that without signed parental consent for evaluation, you may NOT share this report with anyone else on the IEP team.  For an initial IEP you will have 60 days from the date the parent signs consent for a health evaluation. Reevaluations, meaning the student already has an IEP, the timeline is set by the team.  In either case your report should be complete 5 business days before the IEP meeting so that the parent will have the opportunity to read the health report prior.

• Remember that only the registered school nurse may complete the health screening form.

• A screening form is not required prior to a special education health evaluation report. In fact for students with known concerns, it wastes time. Examples of when a screening should not be completed include:

• A student with an IFSP who is coming to the Early Childhood special education preschool and has known health concerns.

• A student with a Section 504 Plan for a health related disability who is now being evaluated for special education.

• The student already has an IHP prior to evaluation for special education eligibility.

Hope this clears up any confusion. Since this entry is long I will discuss how the nurse determines screening results in another post. Also note that the screening form and the Health Education Evaluation Report template are unique to AEA 11. For questions not covered in this blog entry, please contact your assigned nurse consultant.



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