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Special Education Tutorials for Health

Posted on 09/03/2015 at 12:00 AM by MaryAnn Strawhacker

You asked for it and finally this summer I recorded it! Video tutorials showing how to enter health information into the Web IEP. Right now there are two video clips, but I have plans to record at least one more explaining the difference between a health screening and a health evaluation for special education. If you have suggestions for more, just email me.

All clips will be less than 30 minutes. I try to find a middle ground between too long and so short that you waste time starting and stopping clips. Remember the double bars on the far left will allow you to pause for interruptions. (Don't know how many webinars that I have missed because of this.) This content is ready for you when you need it. I have opted to place videos both on YouTube (my private channel) and in Eduvision , since some districts block YouTube. If you can, choose YouTube since the picture quality is better to see my computer screen.

 Web IEP YouTube Links

• Introduction to Web IEPs (24 minutes)
• How to complete medical releases in the Web IEP (11 minutes)

Directions for Eduvision

1. Click on the link provided above

2. A clip related to production will start playing but just push the pause on this video.

3. In the top tool bar, far right orange box labeled "Channels-608 Assets" click on the box and scroll to the bottom to select "Nurse View".

4. There are a number of videos there but you will select the two titles above.


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