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Releases to obtain Medical Records

Posted on 03/04/2015 at 12:00 AM by MaryAnn Strawhacker

Hello School Nurses,

I have had a number of questions related to releases. Currently there are two forms in the Web IEP that will allow you to gain information from a health provider.

Health Release

Several years ago the state created a word version of the form that would allow us to type in information. The logo in the upper left hand corner was the flame. This form is outdated. The form you should be using has an outline of the state of Iowa in the upper right hand corner. To my knowledge, there is not an official word fill in version out there. Also I just learned a new trick. You can still access forms to create a release when the IEP is closed and implemented. Simply click on the  Forms for Active IEP button shown below in the student overview section.

If a student is not yet in the IMS (special education state wide data management system) we cannot access this or any other release form from the web IEP. That means you will need to use the attached PDF and hand fill in the blanks.

If all you want are medical records and perhaps to have a conversation with the provider regarding the record, this is the form to use. Make the start date what you will need based on the type of record. If you want all the pediatrician's records, make the start date the child's birth date. Your end date is one year from the date the parent or guardian signs the form.

Exchange of Information

The exchange of information form is the one most often used by educators. It provides slots for up to six different providers to communicate. The form is developed to allow collaboration between providers, including both written and spoken communication. This form is not the best choice to use to obtain medical records. This is because it presumes to allow you to release records, you did not create, to a third party.

UI Release

Most of my rejections for release of records come from the UI. Attached is their release form. We have just learned in AEA 11 to start with this release when we want records from their facility and bi-pass the state web IEP releases.

Mayo Release

With Mayo I have mixed results when I send the release from the IEP Web program. Attached is their release as well.

Hope this makes your job of finding current health information much easier!


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