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Health & Page I of the IEP

Posted on 09/09/2013 at 12:00 AM by MaryAnn Strawhacker

Good Morning!

Forgot to mention one benefit to the new Web IEP. When you update health information at either an annual review or three year reevaluation you now have a place to note this in the IEP. As you look across the top of an open IEP you will see the letter "I". This page is where you can write a summary paragraph to describe all updates, changes, or just simply review all services for a student remain current. *

To use this "Additional Information" section, just title your entry "Health Update" and start typing. Your update then becomes part of the IEP. Since nurses did not previously use this section be sure to alert your special education teachers that you will place all updates directly in the IEP now.*

You may also use this section to write the description documenting why health was added as a service to an existing IEP.*  Remember that you will only complete the Heartland Report of Health Evaluation template for initial IEPs. These initial reports are uploaded along with the EER (Education Evaluation Report).

*To make sure that your information is read, note in Page B under "Other Information Essential..." that "additional health updates are found on Page I of the IEP.


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