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Heartland AEA Hot Shot Basketball

Equipment is provided at the event. However, if your student would like to practice beforehand, the equipment is listed below for each activity.

Agility or Shuttle Run
Record the time it takes you to run back and forth down a 20 foot lane and pick up two beanbags.
Modifications: beanbags can be held at waist level or placed on a chair or receive other assistance.
Equipment needed: beanbags, chairs

Ball Handling
Students will follow the leader through various ball-handling techniques. Move the ball around body, between the legs and dribble around and through your legs.
Modifications: Touch body parts with yarn ball or beanbag, use directional cues (up, down, over, etc.)
Equipment needed: basketballs, small basketballs, soft balls, yarn balls, punch balls

Bean Bag Bocce
Play indoor Bocce with bean bags.

Chest Pass for Distance
Student stands at a line and throws the ball, using a chest pass as far as they can.
Modifications: Student can push the ball off of the tray on a wheelchair, use a switch to release the ball or use the zoom rope.
Equipment needed: basketballs, soft balls, zoom rope, any ball to throw

Dribble the ball down a 20 foot line and back as many times as you can.
Modifications: Bounce and catch ball in place, step-dribble, air dribble while walking or being pushed in a chair, hold the ball in lap and be pushed down and back.
Equipment needed: basketballs, small basketballs, balloons, yarn balls, punch ball

One-to-one or Team Shooting
Students will play a modified game with the helpers at this station. This is a fun and interactive station.
Equipment needed: small hoop, basketballs, small basketballs, soft balls

Push Ups (one minute)
Record the number of traditional push-ups.
Modifications: modified push-ups (hands and knees), wall push-ups, wheelchair push ups (students lifts their bottom off the chair by pushing up on their arm rests), pump ups or pull to stand.
Equipment needed: mats

Rope Jumping (one minute)
Record the number of self-twirled jumps and number of teacher twirled jumps.
Modifications: jumps/steps over the rope placed on the floor, number of times the wheelchair passes under the rope, or distance of a wheelchair long jump (student gets one push on the wheels and measure how far they roll – measure front wheels to front wheels).
Equipment needed: jump ropes

Sit-ups (one minute)
Record the number of sit-ups performed with ankles held and arms crossed over chest.
Modifications: Students can hold pant legs or be assisted by teacher hanging on to their hands, student can do count downs or sit backs or crunches.
Equipment needed: mats

Spirit Station
Show off your school spirit with a cheer. We will give you an opportunity to share your “spirit” after all the stations have been completed.

Target Toss
Try your hand at various target games.

Timed Shooting (one minute)
Students may shoot in any manner appropriate for them. Count the points: two points per basket, one point if the ball hits anything around basket (net, rim, backboard).
Modifications: any size of basket or ball may be used.
Equipment needed: small hoop, basketballs, small basketballs

Wall Volley (one minute)
Record the number of times the student is able to throw the ball to the wall and catch it on the rebound.
Modifications: students may catch it after one bounce, toss the ball to a student and have them catch it while standing or sitting, punch a punch ball, bounce and catch or dribble a ball.
Equipment needed: basketballs, small basketballs, soft balls, punch balls, balloons

Students may take rests, restroom breaks or have a snack at any time during the day.

Take a look at this short video of the 2018 event!

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