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Adapted Physical Activities

Below you will find adapted recess activities, physical education activities and games for students with disabilities.


These modified activities can be played with all different types of students.

Activities for a small space (PDF)
Activities for a limited space (PDF)
Activity ideas (PDF)
Balance puzzles activity (PDF)
Balloon-scarf seated activities (PDF)
Basic motor skills (PDF)
 (early childhood)
Basketball golf (PDF)
Individual activities (PDF)
It's in the cards (PDF)
Jump rope activities (PDF)
Kickball variations (PDF)

Large motor activities (PDF)
Low organizational activities (PDF)
March Madness (PDF)
Movement center ideas (PDF)
Newspaper activities (PDF)
 (early childhood)
Parachute activities (PDF)
Polyspot activities (PDF)

Recess buddies (PDF)
Recreational activities (PDF)
Relaxation activities (PDF)
Superbowl Shuffle (PDF)

Recess Ideas

Fitness development is just one of the benefits of recess and play, below is information about indoor and outdoor modified recess activities.

Recess activity booklet (PDF)

To find other activities and games, visit:

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