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Coaching Authorization Renewal

Renewal Activities

The Coaching Authorization is valid for five years, and it shall expire five years from the date of issuance. Five renewal activities are required to renew the Authorization. The Mandatory Reporter of Child and Dependent Adult Abuse and concussion training are two of the required renewal activities. If your Authorization has expired, you do not need to retake coaching classes. Your five renewal activities must be within the last five years.

Visit the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners for more information and instructions on how to renew a Coaching Authorization.

Mandatory Reporter Training

There is a fee for all individuals taking the Mandatory Reporter of Child and Dependent Adult Abuse training. Go to the AEA Learning Online Learning System to access this online training.

Concussion Training

A concussion training program approved by the Iowa High School Athletic Association or the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union is required. The training can be accessed on their websites.


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