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CD & DVD Duplication

Child with CD

Heartland AEA has the capability of duplicating VHS tapes, DVDs and CDs in a mass quantity, saving teachers time and money. Teachers may also request custom labels for duplicated materials.


  • Only programs that are instructionally-related for the school can be duplicated (no personal items).
  • A copy of the copyright permission is required for all duplication requests.
  • If applicable, the copyright permissions acquired for using the music, art, video, etc. in the original production must also be included.

For more information on copyright guidelines, visit our Copyright Information page.

Duplication rights have been purchased for some DVDs in the Heartland AEA library. Your school can have a copy made for easy access. Search through the online media catalog under the format pull-down menu and choose “DVD for copy.” Choose the titles, then enter the order numbers and titles on the Creative Services Order form. Send the completed form to Creative Services. One video program per DVD.

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