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Lesson Plan Samples

Below are links to lesson plans that have been used in the classroom by area teachers. Heartland AEA has received permission to share these samples and participating teachers are identified in parentheses.


ABC Practice (PDF)
ABC Practice Example (PDF)
Identifying objects that are living and nonliving (PDF)

First Grade
Reading (PDF) (Vonnahme)

Second Grade
Music (PDF) (Schieffer)
Reading (PDF) (Bunnell)
Text Organizers (PDF) (Morris)

Third Grade
Math (PDF) (Conner)

Fourth Grade
Math (PDF) (Nichols)
Music (PDF) (Tait)
Science (PDF) (Jennings)
Science (PDF) (Battani)
Spelling (PDF) (Whitham)

Fifth Grade
Math (PDF) (Jones)
    ■ Example 1
    ■ Example 2

Lesson Plan (PDF) (Robson)
Artifact (PDF) (Robson)


Middle School

Band (PDF) (Lamp)
6th Grade Reading (PDF) (Peters)
8th Grade Math (PDF) (Garringer)

Math for IEP Students (PDF) (Neas)
Read 180 (PDF) (Lake)

High School

Algebra II (PDF) (Fahr)
Art (PDF) (Baack)
Business (PDF) (Neas)
Civics (PDF) (Thelin)
Earth Science (PDF)
English II (PDF) (Norton)     
Foods (PDF) (Leonard)

Geometry (PDF)
Health (PDF) (Nelson)
Science (PDF) (Zellweger)
Solar System (PDF)
Spanish (PDF) (Brinkman)
Spanish I (PDF) (Isbell)
Spanish II (PDF) (Isbell)

Foreign Language

Spanish SLP (PDF) (Robson)

Spanish Artifact (PDF) (Robson)

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