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Early Literacy Implementation (ELI)

Literacy is the cornerstone for learning. As the cornerstone, it is imperative to ensure that young children get off to a good start in building literacy skills. Iowa's Early Literacy Implementation (ELI) is legislation that enacts and secures the steps necessary to provide evidence-based programming and instruction to teachers, assess early readers and their literacy skills and abilities and provide extra help and intervention for non-proficient students. The overreaching goal of Iowa's ELI is for all students to become proficient readers by the end of the third grade.

The measuring component to Iowa's ELI is the Iowa TIER, a data system with the capability to house universal screening, intervention and progress monitoring data for every student in the state.

For more information or questions, contact:

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Mark Crady
Coordinator, C4K Training Cadre
(800) 255-0405 ext. 11215

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