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Personalized Education Plans (PEP)

The purpose of the personalized education plan (PEP) is to provide a plan designed to meet the educational needs for identified gifted students. The written plan should be a living document and revised as necessary and can serve as a communication tool between students, teachers and parents. The following items are suggested for inclusion in a student’s personalized education plan, but this is neither a mandatory nor an exhaustive list:

  • Relevant background data (such as assessment of present needs and projections for future needs)
  • The nature and extent of the gifted and talented services provided to the student, including indirect services, such as consultative services or other supportive assistance such as modifications to curriculum and acceleration of the student’s curriculum
  • Personnel information responsible for the services provided to the student, as well as those responsible for monitoring and evaluating the student’s progress

PEP Samples

Area districts have shared their PEP templates for others to use. If your district is willing to share its PEP template, contact Kyra Wilcox-Conley.

Sample 1 (PDF)

Sample 2 (PDF)

Sample 3 (PDF)

Sample 4 (PDF)

Sample 5 (PDF)

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