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Inspire Students to Love Science Through Mystery Science

Heartland AEA has purchased access to Mystery Science for all elementary schools. Mystery Science lessons are open-and-go and inspire students to love science. Simply gather a few materials and start teaching right away! Start making the transition to the Next Generation Science Standards. We think you’ll find the videos and lessons to be engaging and supportive of inquiry. Watch this short overview video.  

This digital resource is a little different from the others provided through Heartland AEA. Mystery Science is geared to teachers, not students. While the videos will be shown to students, the support materials are for teachers.


Teachers access Mystery Science through a personal account they create independently. You’ll find the link on our website on the Kindergarten - 5th Grade page and on our Library Materials page. You can also access the direct link here.

To create an account the first time, follow the online prompts or check these four steps:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

If you have created an account in the past and have difficulty logging in, email, or call (650) 550-0670.

For additional questions about how to use Mystery Science in your classroom, contact Susan Schrader, Heartland AEA Director of Resources and Library Services at (800) 255-0405 ext. 14332 or the Heartland AEA Science Consultant who serves your district.

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