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Did You Know? We Have a Scanning Service to Create Accessible Instructional Materials for Students

Students who have IEPs or 504 plans may need textbooks or other educational materials converted to a digital format that can be read through external software. With Heartland AEA’s scanning service, we can make those conversions to Kurzweil or PDF file formats and deliver them to you via Google Drive, Firefly (Kurzweil website), CD* or flash drive*. (*Charges may apply)

When working with your student, you may use your computer’s system preferences to read the PDF or you may download Natural Reader which is a free text to speech reader. For questions and support regarding technology and instruction, contact the Heartland AEA Instructional Technology Consultant who serves your building.

To order scanned materials, fill out and sign the scanning request form and include it with the materials to be scanned. Include a purchase order if required by your district. Place your order on Heartland AEA van delivery to the attention of Creative Services. For more information about scanning services, call (800) 255-0405 ext. 14465.  

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