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Pella High School and Heartland AEA -- A Winning Combination!

If you’re considering sprucing up your school’s team locker rooms, you might want to take a look at Pella High School’s new space.

Pella wanted its football locker room to be a place that was exciting and motivating for its athletes. They also wanted to highlight the tradition of Pella football and honor those who have played in the past and those currently playing.

So following new construction of the locker room last spring and summer, Pella added vinyl pennants that were created by Heartland AEA.

“I think the kids see the vinyl pennants and hope they can continue the tradition and work hard so that their team will have an opportunity to have a banner on the wall,” said Jay McKinstrey, head football coach at Pella High School. “Heartland AEA does an outstanding job creating a quality product at an incredibly low price. The AEA is great to work with and is very helpful.”

Heartland AEA's Creative Services Department can create almost anything you need to help your students achieve and your school run smoothly!

P.S. Pella High School just won another state championship! Congrats to the Dutch!

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