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Educator Connection Newsletter: Heartland AEA Educator Connection May 2017

The Educator Connection is a Heartland AEA communication designed to help keep you informed of the many programs and services our agency offers to educators, students and families. If you have comments or suggestions for articles, email the Heartland AEA Communications Department at Read More
Heartland AEA and the Carlisle Community Schools have collaborated to support teachers who are new to the teaching field and have requested supports to enhance their practical special education experience. The collaboration included guided practice and coaching in Compliance Required Practices, Instruction and Behavior/Classroom Management, such as: IEP teacher training... Read More
The Heartland AEA Creative Services team would love to provide visual support items to help tell your school or district's story! Our designers are creative, talented and fast! Keep us in mind if you need school or district identification or promotional materials like. We provide a free half hour of... Read More
When Bondurant-Farrar Middle School had an opportunity to create an impactful, thoughtful look in their library, they reached out to Heartland AEA’s Creative Services team for support. The school’s goal was to update the look of the library and complete the task with minimal expense, but purchasing new bookshelves was... Read More
Registration is open for the 13th Annual Our Kids Summer Institute for educators and administrators of English Learners, June 13-14, 2017 at Waukee High School in Waukee. Network with other educational professionals, discover new strategies for working with English language learners in Iowa and meet national and local experts to... Read More
Heartland AEA has identified videos (and short segments) from the company, Visual Learning Systems , and correlated them to the Next Generation Science Standards for grades K-12. Programs feature live-action footage with real to life examples, animations, closed-captioning, on-screen questions, vocabulary, visual cues and video assessments. See this resource sheet... Read More
Online databases like PebbleGo from Heartland AEA are excellent resources for students for reports, references and fun and are an extension of the materials available in your school library. The PebbleGo PK-3 databases are simple to navigate and offer key reading supports such as read-along audio and word-by-word highlighting. PebbleGo... Read More
At Heartland AEA we have been surveying teacher librarians and technology coordinators about their school’s media usage and we’re finding that streaming video is the preferred video format in most classrooms. We randomly chose eight days in April to study usage and there were over 10,000 views of streaming videos!... Read More
We have a plethora of summer activities to help you meet the requirements in your learning plan. Check out a sampling below or visit our website for all of our classes. If you have any questions about opportunities for professional learning, contact the Heartland AEA Professional Learning Team at Read More
This spring as families ask, "What should we do as a family all summer?" you can point them to the ASK Resource Center. Summer is all about having FUN, and ASK Resource Center wants to make it easier for Iowa kids with disabilities to access all the summer fun their... Read More
Diane Van Wyk and Kevin Neal, both teachers in the West Des Moines Community School District, have integrated technology into their classroom to help gather more formative information for teachers and students. In this presentation for Heartland AEA’s Technology Integration and Collaboration initiative, they demonstrate how they use the interactive... Read More
As an educational leader, are you faced with increasingly complex challenges to tackle? Do you try to tackle them alone? Would you be interested in being part of a group that identifies, examines and addresses real problems of practice leaders face? Explore and develop systems leadership? Have access to Drake... Read More
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