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Move Creativity Into 3D Reality!

After a successful pilot year with the Stratasys UPrintSE Plus 3D printer, Heartland AEA is ready to offer 3D printing services to area schools.

Industrial tech and tech classes will find immediate applications. As you read more about the 3D model applications, we think other teachers will also see the potential in their classrooms. Make those math and science abstractions concrete with a 3D model!

An example comes from Kevin Litchfield, Industrial Technology teacher at Gilbert Schools. He had students in his advanced drafting class design something to be printed on a 3D printer. The students used Solidworks to design a 3D cube with pull-apart pieces that fit back together.

Gilbert students with a 3D cube they designed

Using special software, students submit designs electronically to our Creative Services and then the printed objects are shipped back to the school via Heartland AEA van mail. Visit our 3D Printing page for more information.

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