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"OneLogin" is Here: No More Multiple Log-ins for Digital Resources!

Students have different information needs and skills and that’s why it’s important to provide options. Enter our newest option: OneLogin! It makes it easy for students to switch from one digital resource to another simply by logging in once. Younger students can log in to BookFLIX, then go to PebbleGo, then go to MackinVIA and only log in one time. OneLogin might be the nudge older students need to explore a larger array of digital resources. (How exciting!)

Students and teachers can access the digital resources through the OneLogin portal.

  • When you click on OneLogin, you’ll be taken to a new Heartland AEA OneLogin digital resources portal.

  • Click on any digital resource and log in with your generic school username/password.

  • Then go back to the OneLogin portal and click another digital resource, and you’ll see that you’re already logged in.

Note that OneLogin requires an extension for each browser used on a computer. You can also download the OneLogin mobile app for your smartphone or tablet.

If you have any questions, contact Susan Schrader, Director of Resources & Library Services, at (800) 255-0405 ext. 14332.

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