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Job Candidate Strategies

image of job search tipsGeneral Tips

  •  Look at the list of the school districts and their websites to determine possible vacancies.
  •  Research school districts in advance, so you can discuss specific topics when you meet with districts.
  •  Plan your attire thoughtfully -- a professional first impression is critical! Wear dress shoes that you could stand in for hours at a time.
  •  Write school administrators in advance to say you'll be attending the fair; enclose a resume.
  •  Gather items to bring with you: a portfolio in which to write notes about interviews and multiple copies of your resume. Employers will not expect you to have credential files at the fair.
  • Parking will be available at the Regional Education Center and additional parking is available across the street at 6445 Corporate Drive.

Interview Tips

  • Review standard questions asked in education interviews.
  • Listen well and be a good communicator.
  • Adopt a three-point plan: know what you're looking for, what you have to offer and what questions you'll ask about the school system.
  • Know your skills, background and strengths. Practice responses aloud or with a friend.
  • Send a thank you letter addressed to the specific interviewer within three days.
  • Arrange for credentials to be sent to any schools who request them.
  • Phone the district to determine if it received your materials, to check on the status of the vacancy and to express your continued interest 10 days after the fair.

Resume Tips

  • Don’t be generic -- every job posted has its specifics, and you'll want to adapt yourself accordingly, so you're seen as a vital, relevant candidate for the open job.
  • Entice people with your experience, achievements and ambitions. Hook them instantly. This is the place to be precise, creative and clear about what you want. Express your career goals and aspirations.
  • Teachers are in the education business, so it makes sense to use a resume strategy that highlights your academic credentials.
  •  Your resume needs to communicate your commitment to student success and to teaching and learning. You can demonstrate your passion for teaching by incorporating your teaching philosophy in your career summary.
  • Teachers must have strong, accomplishments-based resumes. Even if you're a recent graduate, you can include accomplishments. Use your practicum/intern experience and treat it just like a job on your resume. You can excerpt quotes from practicum evaluations or classroom observations.
  • Teachers need to include keywords on their resumes, including education-specific terms and acronyms.
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