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Students Meet Goals, Splatter SLP with Sticky, Sweet Treats

July 12, 2013

Jessica WeilerJessica Weiler, one of our speech-language pathologists, shared with us the story of the incentive that she promised to some of her students in Norwalk this spring for reaching their goals. How fun and brave of her!

Fourth and fifth grade students who received speech-language services at Lakewood Elementary in Norwalk were given an incentive—complete 15 or more homework assignments before May 23, and you can throw an ice cream topping on my head! The program was called “Splatter the Speech Teacher,” and in the end, 11 ice cream toppings were earned and seven students took their turns splattering me.

Chocolate, caramel, strawberry sauce, pineapple topping, honey, whipped topping, sprinkles, mini M&M’s, marshmallows and gummy worms were all thrown on me.Let’s just say it will be awhile before I eat any desserts!

The janitorial staff was amazing and helped get me back to looking like an SLP! The kids had such an amazing time, and as a result of completing this extra work, their IEP goal scores and overall skills have jumped a tremendous amount. Being covered in sticky sweets was definitely worth it!

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