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Improving Teaching and Learning at Dallas Center-Grimes

June 1, 2016

Dallas Center-Grimes partnered with Heartland AEA to learn more about meaningful use and support of technology in the classroom. 

  • Planning how technology can help teachers accomplish Universal Constructs (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creating) in the classroom

  • Designing lesson and reflecting on those lessons; looking at the learning target, content, instructional practices, technology and connections to the Iowa Core and Universal Constructs

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Other Collaboration Efforts

  • Heartland AEA consultants participated in reading data days and worked closely with teachers to support interventions

  • DC-G curriculum teams worked with AEA reading consultant to review Iowa Core and resources

  • DC-G and AEA staff collaborated around Individualized Education Plan development, provided instructional supports and programming for students

  • K-12 interventionist and special education teachers experienced news learning on dyslexia

  • Professional development provided for K-12 teachers in mathematical practices

  • Extended Learning Program teachers received professional development, resources and support with identifying students who needed services

  • K-12 English as a Second Language teachers received professional development and resources

  • Heartland AEA instructional coach supported DC-G instructional coaches and provided learning through instructional coaching network

  • DC-G Learning Teams met with AEA assessment consultant about assessment practices

  • Heartland AEA science consultant presented Next Generation Science Standards to secondary science teachers and worked with K-12 science teachers on Science Curriculum Review

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