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Partners in Achievement: Gilbert Schools & Heartland AEA

April 12, 2016

Kristi Upah quoteTwo heads are better than one, and Gilbert Schools and Heartland AEA have proven that when it comes to instruction and assessment. This year the district and AEA have collaborated on a number of system, intervention, behavior, data and literacy strategies. Some examples include:

  •  Dyslexia training: Elementary teachers attended a dyslexia assessment and instruction training to help teachers have a deeper understanding of dyslexia, including its definition and characteristics in children at different ages and stages of reading and writing development.

  • Instructional coaching support: Gilbert instructional coaches meet weekly with an AEA instructional coach to work on best practices in instruction.

  • Paraprofessional training: An AEA consultant facilitated a training with Gilbert paraprofessionals on their roles and responsibilities as well as ethics and confidentiality.

  • Co-teaching implementation: AEA consultants provided co-teaching strategies and implementation techniques, with ongoing coaching and best practices.

  • Literacy professional learning: Special education teachers attended instructional literacy sessions on the Wilson Reading Programand Foundations curriculum.

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